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Security Solutions

Business Surveillance with Latest Technology

The Gexton having its roots and acclaimed legacy in most sustainable technology implementations has the exclusive, internationally recognized implementing and installing expertise, among the broad array of invaluable security software and hardware products for the trusted 360 asset protection and powerful security coverage for your valuable and potentially to-be-compromised domestic, commercial and business entities. No matter what, and how to advance security threats you’re about to experience or expecting soon.

Gexton Security Solutions offers all necessary sets of security apparatus including all globally-demanded and widely-recommended implements so that our clients shall have all their needs covered at a one-stop service point with market-competitive package rates and state-of-the-art installation and deployment services.

We have the best implementation, post-installation, and maintenance services in almost all indoor and outdoor intelligent security devices and equipment that are not limited to:

CCTV Camera routed with DVRs backup Systems:

The CCTVs installation and navigational areas are carefully planned according to the work area and the dimensions of region-of-interest and certain sensitive locations for optimum security protection.

Online Streaming of the Real-time CCTVs Recording:

The recordings and surveillance stream taken from the CCTVs and DVR backup systems are then uplinked with central online resource from where all security personnel can share the stream among them and avoid any potential security breach and have timely coordination with state-run law enforcement agencies’ services.

Walk Through Security Gates:

The deployment of electronic security gates is aimed to discard the entry of any suspicious subject or other security compromising substance in the client’s entity and adequate planning is needed to install the security gates between most strategically important entering, exiting and other checkpoints to ensure the protection of the property.

Metal detectors and Scanners:

We guarantee to supply you with up-to-date and most effective handheld, vertically panelized and walled split metal detector and scanner units which would leave no chance of the presence of any harmful and life-threatening arms, ammunition and explosives in the serviced entity.

RFID Systems:

Our provided Radio Frequency Identification units leave no unchecked passive and active tag enabled product article through them and alert the situation with all hearing alarm sound for the safety of your goods and the prevention of illegal mobilization of your products and other particulars.

Biometric Detection Systems:

We have all the world acclaimed manufacturer’s biometric systems available at disposal with our complimentary brief service and operational training service to enable our client's operatives to get the best out of the miniature devices.

GPS Tracking Systems:

We have the world’s leading GPS Tracking and Navigational units and software powered with most powerful Google Maps and Places repository followed with satellite relay for your seamless tracking and navigational applications.