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GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

Through Mobile Apps, Installation And Support Services

Gexton Inc. Pakistan with the successful record of implementing security-based and IT support systems now proudly introduces the Global Positioning System (GPS) based tracking system through the mobile application. Our powerful and dynamic mobile application will utilize the local telecommunication and signal systems for maximum and active coverage. The application can be installed in the low to high-end smartphones that will respond to the monitoring system with the required details of all connected cellular units. Mostly, the companies can make most out of it by furnishing this app in the smartphones of its employees to track their movements and their entrance and exit schedule under effective check. If any employee has the ordinary standard phone then he can be coordinated through a traditional network-based monitoring system and the updates will be maintained with the central monitoring system. By utilizing this multi-purpose tracking, the clients can check the movement of their workforce during working hours, will know the location of their fieldwork or outstation tasks to ensure their security, will keep connected and update employees and the company for effective coordination and will be able to better manage the attendance system


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