Corporate/Business/Legit SMS marketing

The product marketing trends have been under huge transformation through last decades, but their exploited and exceeded usage by small advertisers and scammers have compromised the viability and credibility of this critical channel in public opinion. Gexton Inc. Pakistan is determined to present the rightful and deserving version of this useful medium of advertising by framing high quality standards and codes with its Corporate SMS Marketing Service (CSMS). With Gexton’s CSMS we’ll channelize your product/service prospects and exposure to your potential customers with authenticated, original and clean SMS content which they will receive by your company’s name for lasting customer impact. With 100% scam free and without any data forgery scheme, we guarantee that the passive SMS readers of your marketing content will become your company’s permanent advocate forever. For special data retrieval services and other functions, we also welcome subscriptions for special short code services for customized and performance-oriented experience.  

You can rely on GEXTON as one such partner. To understand your business problems and to provide solutions.

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