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The internet, like any technology, is constantly evolving.  Where the internet was once an individual experience, used largely for marketing and informational purposes, it has now grown to truly connect users with each other.  Social networking sites, blogging, and collaborative efforts are the hallmarks of the "new" internet – Web 2.0.  The internet is no longer a one-dimensional experience but an all-encompassing platform where users don't simply retrieve information, but contribute their own expertise and knowledge.

Companies looking to integrate the internet into their business plans need to have a clear understanding of these changes and how it affects their customers.  These changes have come about because of consumer demand, which means that understanding the principles of Web 2.0 will lead to a better understanding of what your customers want.

At GEXTON, we stay on top of the latest internet trends so that we can guide you in keeping your internet presence relevant and fresh.  We use our expertise to distinguish between passing fads and lasting trends, providing you with valuable insight into the current demands of consumers. 

Incorporating Web 2.0 design into your web presence gives your customers what they want and demonstrates your company's relevance in the everchanging world of modern technology.  Let us guide you in creating a web presence that takes advantage of all the opportunities introduced by Web 2.0 principles, and maximize the potential of the internet.

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We are seeking some professional PHP developers and SEO Professionals, please check our career section for more info
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Anniversary Celebration
We at GEXTON, is planning for the mega event of the year, need your input for celebration..
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Revised SEO Packages
Great News! As the world changes and we too!, we have revised our SEO packages to compete with the new google rules and regulations. click here.
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Mobile App Development
Mobile apps are now changing the world, we have incorporated complete mobile app services now! click here to read more about that.
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