e-governance-gexton The information technology age has brought some major transformation in the ways we used to perform tasks and everyday work. It has pulled every facet of logical things to the virtual world, creating quick access for users to organized, useful and purpose-driven data no matter what it is about whether it’s about education, health, social services, entertainment, social networking, infotainment or anything worth doing. The prime product of this technology is the Internet (the networks of the many networks) which has bridged every data resource among each other to create one window to allow every user to access information for various vital objective and goals. Along with empowering the lives of individuals, the internet furnishes the connectivity might to the mobile app services, particularly those installed on cheaper-to-high end smartphones, that have helped to do an array of important tasks in individual as well as in collective capacity which took form of the health coordinating applications in smartphones to aid governments in various health addressing issues. The Mobile Application services involving the power of internet has the potential to bridge all essential health service entities to build better coordination and timely response towards wild and chronic epidemics. The smartphones, which are the only devices leveraging the usefulness of mobile network services can be used for far more potential purpose in curbing the administrative and operational framework and mobility issues of several state-owned departments, where the desktop computer units are not utilized well. In the most government departments, the desktop units are merely used as typewriters according to the survey conducted by the independent observing agency. customized mobile apps Since the influx of smartphone devices in 2011, many experts and IT leaders in Pakistan were forced to search and test the effectiveness of customized mobile apps esp. on android platform to address the mobility and timely response issues on various government sponsored activities ranging from administration, health, agriculture, law and order, water and sanitation to all municipal works, inflation check, traffic management, livestock and epidemic disease response action programs. The PITB (Punjab Information Technology Board) in this regard have taken step ahead in materializing the much awaited transformation in terms, the public departments carryout their tasks and campaigns. The PITB team have said to have developed more than two dozens of useful apps for the smartphones that would enable the local officials to counter many administrative-led issues especially the health and hygiene improvement conditions in the region. The board has undertook the upgrading program to distribute smartphones among field health workers – the cheaper ones for lower tiers whereas high end devices for high ups that come with preinstalled work related apps so that all should be connected onboard to better coordinate and covey effective decisions on critical issues faced by the team network. Prior to this transformative program the traditional desktops PCs were not utilized by the senior bureaucrats and hand it off to junior or their lower staff so the all the millions that were spent on the devices was going to waste and comparing to the expenditure for procuring the peripherals, the uptake of technology was very low below the appreciatory line. Now the field health workers, entomologists, implementers and high ups empowered with android OS platform and the mobility advantage can route the effective operational framework to counter the epidemics like the recent dengue fever apocalypse in Punjab province of Pakistan. The credit of this advancement goes to none other than PITB’s chairman Dr. Umar Saif who tabled the idea of inducing the smartphone app utilization strategy. He says that now workers can geo tag their locations of operations and time records it, further they can easily compare the results on before and after intervention categories which help them to uplink their official activities and their outcomes to all team members and their mentors and promotes healthy and economical working architecture bearing better fruit comparing to the traditional ways. The competitive mobile app developers from all web development companies in Pakistan are asked to develop and code the apps aligned to facilitate the public services procedures so that a substantial amount of state machinery involving all departments could acquire such mobile app services to discharge a new and dynamic category of services comforting the people of Pakistan.