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Online Marketing

Link Popularity

Number of sites linked to your site is termed to be Link popularity. It reveals the number sites on the Internet who are linking theirs to your web site. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista and etc include your link popularity value in calculating the Page Rank value, which is used to determine your site's rank.

To be simpler, your link popularity value is the total number of external sites that link to yours. Proper link building increases the link popularity and assigns higher scores to high quality links.

Importance of Link Popularity:

Link Popularity is used by most of the search engines in their ranking algorithms. Well-built Links will enhance the link popularity and dramatically increase your web site traffic. The link popularity promotes your web site.

GEXTON quantifiably measures your website's overall visibility and work to build in proper links to your site. Search engines take into account of what your link partners describe about your site in calculating page rank score. Links built in from other web sites with similar content to your own are much more significant in increasing link reputation.

Links to your site will also boost your search engine ranking, and ensure you to stay indexed by giving the search engine spiders more ways to find and crawl your site.

Link Building

A web site is complete only after the establishment of the links to your site. It is very important for the site to maintain its ranking in the search engine listing. More important aspect is that it should have a plenty of inbound links than outbound links. It is because the more outbound link provided, more the visitors get deviated your site. Building links to your site is one of the toughest jobs. Lot of care must be taken while establishing these links.

We provide a variety of text and actual description about the concept of your site and create the links for the site. We maintain the relevancy of the link with your site and we are also aware of natural link building to your site. We build two types of links to your site:

  • One-Way Linking
  • Reciprocal Linking

One-Way Linking

One-way links are links, which are established from one way into your site. To have the inbound links, one-way links are the best way. In our one-way link building campaign we build links for your website without getting your visitor out of your web site. One-way links are the best way to increase the link popularity of the site and serves to be natural linking for the search engine optimization of the site.

As told earlier, one-way link building is a great way to improve your link popularity and ranking in the search engines. If you have one-way links to your web site you no longer have to locate linking partners, add their links, and periodic checking about the current status of your linking partners. We build in one-way text links such that the visitors are redirected to your own site even after many clicks. Search engines rank one-way text links much higher than the reciprocal Links.

How useful is One-Way Linking

The major advantage or the big plus of one-way links is that we need not have to worry about linking to a bad neighborhood. GEXTON focuses on all link types and links source and destination. As there is no particular topic emphasis, Google and the other search engines clearly understand that your site is artificially increasing the number of links pointing to your site. If there is no value added to the users, they in turn give your site no value in accordance with the built links.

Another advantage of one-way links is that visitors are tends to stay with in your site for longer period. Sites featuring reciprocal links may simply drop your link and lead your visitors nowhere and land them in dark area. In such cases we take care of the link building strategy.

One-Way Linking Sources

There are a number of ways to get links from other sites back to yours. We keep in mind that we will get links when your site offers something significant to the link you have linked to. Therefore we take care when providing the link. You may have link sources from:

  • Natural links - topic-related websites
  • Sites providing free content - articles, e-books, FAQ's and white papers
  • Directory links
  • Business directory links
  • Business associations
  • Newsletter text ads
  • E-books
  • Free software tools

For each of these types of content, we provide an active link pointing back to your site. Of course, when creating your own original content, we build it to increase your own link popularity by growing the number of pages on your website.

Reciprocal Links

A text and/or banner link in your site, which carries the visitors to a similar text and/or banner link to your own site or vice versa is termed to be reciprocal linking.

There is no doubt that one-way links are the best for increasing link popularity of a site. Since the budget for this need is high, we therefore think of another way, which if done with care is reciprocal link building of the site. In this we exchange links on your behalf with other related websites and take care that your site is not linked with any other bad neighborhood. We try to get the maximum links exchanged with related content-based sites. We do link exchange for 4 to 6 relative web sites. A reciprocal link is not a quick fix to bring more traffic to your site.

Which sites to link to?

You cannot build in reciprocal links as we wish. It is because you may be wrongly guiding the visitors by establishing wrong links to your site. Therefore it is very important to choose the links before we build the links.

GEXTON is proud to be experienced in building you the proper exchangeable  links to your site. We strongly avoid indiscriminate linking. We explore and analyze the interest level of your site visitors on your and then choose relevant site to the subject of your site. There are millions and millions of sites out here and we just don’t exchange links with everyone as such. To boost your Page Rank, we concentrate on getting links only from sites that relevant and have high Page Rank value.

Here is a list of ways, how we build back links:

  • Enhance your site it free and unique advice that truly helps the other sites. They will slowly begin to link to you without even asking.
  • Ask business partners, vendors, distributors, etc. to link to your site.
  • Ask non-profitable organizations if they would like to link you as a support in exchange with financial gift.
  • Exchange links with websites that are related to your industry.
  • Submit to Directories.

Thus create a refinement strategy to visit your competitors' and complementary sites to examine their links or resources pages. We select potential reciprocal links partners to your site. Thus your site ends up with a long list of good sites with which to exchange links.

You can contact us If you are interested to get link popularity services.

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